Hello and thanks for visiting!

My name is Caroline Burgess, most people call me Caz. I am a mother of one charming little boy named Ethan and a wife to a handsome bloke called Gaz. We are known as Caz n Gaz... Yes I know what you are thinking...

We Live out at Beachlands not far from the beach, I love being near the water and feel lucky that we have managed to build a lovely life out here for our family. I enjoy being social and of course creative! I am always happy to accept an offer of coffee (or a wine) and sit out in the sinshine for a good ol catch up. On the flip side, if it's cold I am happy to curl up on the couch with a blanket with the fire roaring and good movie with the family.

How did I get here?.. Well, back in 2010 during my carefree travelling days I developed a real sense of my surroundings. I was always amazed by the beauty of the world around me and always had a camera pressed to my face. It was from those experiences I developed a love of photography.

After saving for my first DSLR my sister purchased a photography course for me for my birthday (thanks sis!) and from there I was off. I wanted to capture everthing, from stunning lanscapes to my friends and family.

My style of photography is natural, not too posed (unless I am working on a project), I like to capture the true essense of a family and their surroundings. I will encourage you to be who you really are and have fun. 

I believe beautiful images shouldn't be locked away on your harddrive or your phone. Be proud of your art, you are beautiful and it should be shown to the world. 

Feel free to get in touch, I love to chat and welcome hearing all about your family and what I could do for you to help you capture those precious memories!